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A-Life Ikhtiar

Coverage Period: Up to 70 - 80 years old

Entry age: Pre-Natal 13-35 weeks of gestation

                Post-Natal 14 days - 60 years old

Introducing A-Life Ikhtiar, a Family Takaful plan that provides your family with a financial safety net if the unexpected happens to you. The plan gives you the freedom to select your level of protection and the option to enhance your coverage with additional benefits according to your needs.

By attaching A-Plus Total Health to this plan, you can enjoy comprehensive medical protection. For each year that you dont make any claim, an amount will be credited to your Health Wallet which you can use for health screenings, vaccinations, recovery treatments, medical care for congenital conditions and more. The good news is that you can extend the medical coverage under A-Plus Total Health to your spouse and children under a single basic certificate under your name.

What's in the plan?

Death benefits

This plan provides your family with a lump sum payment of the sum covered amount to help them financially in the event of your demise.


 200% of the sum covered amount in the event you pass away due to an accident will be paid to you


Family will receive RM 5,000 to arrange for Badal Hajj on your behalf should you pass away.


Give back to the community by opting to donate any surplus you may receive to a charitable organization.

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