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Total Health

Coverage Period: Up to 80 years old

Entry age: 14 days - 60 years old

A good medical plan should be able to protect you when you require medical treatment and even when you are healthy. For this reason, we have designed A-Plus Total Health to provide comprehensive medical coverage that safeguards you against escalating medical costs without you having to worry about any lifetime limit.


And as we all know that prevention is better than cure, this plan will also reimburse you the cost for health checks and vaccinations to help you determine your health condition and identify any early signs of health issues as well as help you with illness prevention.

Not only that, you can extend the coverage to your family by adding A-Plus Total Health to the plan. To make it hassle-free for you, the medical coverage for each of your loved ones are all under a single basic plan under your name.

What's in the plan?

Comprehensive Medical protection

This plan provides you with comprehensive medical protection. It takes care of your medical bills and lets you focus on your treatment and recovery.


An amount will be credited to your Health Wallet if you do not make a claim for 2 consecutive years and your contribution payments are up-to-date. For each subsequent year thereafter that you do not make a claim and for paying your contributions on time, we will continue paying an amount to your Health Wallet, up to 10 times.


To enjoy lower contribution, you may choose a deductible amount of RM500 or RM10,000. Payment of deductible is only applicable for In-Patient Care


You can choose to extend the medical coverage to your spouse and children under a single basic plan under your name. Each additional life will have his or her own annual limit and Health Wallet.

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