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A-Life Kasih Famili

Coverage Period: Up to 70 years old

Entry age: 16 years - 60 years old

We believe that the well-being of your loved ones will always remain your top priority. And because family means everything to you, your love for them should never end even when you are no longer around.

Introducing A-Life Kasih Famili, a Family Takaful plan that meets the protection needs of your family. This plan offers you peace-of-mind knowing that your loved ones will be able to continue enjoying the quality of life they are accustomed to should the unexpected happen to you or your spouse.

So plan ahead and ensure a better life for you and your family with A-Life Kasih Famili.

What's in the plan?

Death or tpd benefits

Family will receive the basic coverage amount if you passed away or suffers Total & Permanent Disability (TPD).

Accidental death benefit

 Family will receive 200% of the basic coverage amount in the event of accidental death happen to you.

optional benefit for spouse coverage

Havings A-Plus ProtectSpouse-i rider, your spouse will get coverage on death, TPD or accidental death.


Should any excess from the Takaful risk fund at the end of every year, AIA PUBLIC will share it with the eligible Participants at 50:50 ratio.

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