Compound Interest is the Eight Wonder of the World.
HE who understands it,
EARNS it, HE who does't PAYS it.
                      - Albert Einstein

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Islamic Unit Trust

What is Unit Trust?

A Unit Trust Fund consists of a pool of funds collected from a group of investors with similar objectives.


This collective investment fund is managed full time by professional fund managers. An investment portfolio typically includes equities, bonds and assets.


A unit trust is a three-way relationship among the manager, the trustee and the unit holder. The manager manages and operates the unit trust fund, the trustee holds all the assets and the unit holder is the investor.

What are the benefits of unit trust investment?


More and more investors today prefer unit trusts to investing in the stock market for many reasons.


They get to invest in a diversified portfolio and benefit from the expert management of fund specialists for an affordable capital outlay and minimum risk. Their unit trust investments are individually tailored to suit their specific needs and constantly monitored, saving valuable time and resources.


Of course, any investment comes with an element of risk. So it is always best to know which are your possible risk factors. To help you steer your way through risks, please refer to pages 6 & 7 of the Master Prospectus.

6 Quick Step to Get Started


1 ) Define your investment goals


2 ) Decide your time horizon and risk appetite


3 ) Understand the products


4 ) Practise Asset Allocation


5 ) Practise regular investment


6 ) Regularly review and rebalance your investment portfolio

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