A-Plus Multi CriticalCare




Critical illness is an inconvenient truth to our human life.

With medical inflation on the rise, one's hard earned savings can be placed under tremendous strain when he is diagnosed with critical illness.


A-Plus Multi CriticalCare is a unique critical illness rider which allows coverage to continue even after a critical illness claim has been made and provides protection for up to 3 critical illness claims!



A-Plus Multi CriticalCare offers you:


Multiple Protection up to 3 Critical Illness Claims
Covers 36 critical illnesses, claimable up to 3 events1 from different critical illness groupings, including 2 Cancer claims. Up to 100% of the rider sum assured is payable for each claim.


Covers 2 Occurrences of Cancer
Up to 2 Cancer2 claims are allowed with 125% of the rider sum assured payable for each claim.


Available as an optional rider, attachable to a regular premium Investment-Linked Insurance plan.


1 12 months waiting period is required between critical illness claims.
2 A 5-year waiting period is required between Cancer claims.


Important: This is purely a product summary. Please refer to the policy contract for further details.

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