A-LifeLink-i (Family Takaful)




A-LifeLink gives you the flexibility to change the level of your protection and savings from time to time, to meet your ever-changing needs:


  • Protection and savings in one plan

  • Flexibility in protection and savings

  • Additional cover through Anniversary Bonus, with no further underwriting

  • 5-year Guaranteed Coverage


Subject to terms and conditions. Please refer to the brochure or policy contract for further details.



Protection and Savings in One Plan

Covers death and Total Permanent Disability (TPD)1 with a wide range of optional riders and Investment-Linked funds available to meet your needs. A-LifeLink expires at age 100.


Flexibility in Protection and Savings

Flexibility to change your protection level by either increasing or decreasing your coverage; or increase your savings via top-ups or withdrawal whenever your needs change.


Additional Cover Through Anniversary Bonus2

The Anniversary Bonus increases your sum assured at 1% of the sum assured at no additional cost, starting from the beginning of 2nd policy year until 120% of the sum assured is reached. The Anniversary Bonus will be paid upon death, TPD and critical illness (if A-Plus CriticalCare is attached) in addition to the initial sum assured.

5-year Guaranteed Coverage2

Your plan will continue to be in force within the first 5 policy years, even though your account value is insufficient to cover the Cost of Insurance and the Monthly Service Charge.


Various Investment-Linked Funds

Wide range of funds for you to choose from based on your financial goals. You can opt to top up your investment anytime or switch between funds depending on your risk appetite.


1 Coverage for TPD is up to age 70.
2 Subject to further terms and conditions.

Important: This is purely a product summary. Please refer to the policy contract for further details.

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