A-Plus Early CriticalCare




Advancement in medical treatments enables early detection of critical illness and chances of recovering have improved significantly.


A-Plus Early CriticalCare is a comprehensive critical illness protection rider which allows you to make early critical illness claims. Up to 92 critical illness events are covered across 3 levels of severity.


The intention is to provide you with the financial mean needed to seek professional medical attention for early preventative treatment on critical illness. What's more, the rider also pays an additional one-time payment for diabetic related diseases.



A-Plus Early CriticalCare offers you:


Comprehensive Critical Illness Coverage Even at Its Early Stage
If the insured is diagnosed with a covered critical illness event and survive for a minimum of 30 days, the following benefit payout will be payable according to the level of severity:



Severity Level% of Sum Assured

Low severity30% per category

Medium severity60% per category

High severity100% per category


The policy shall remain in force until 100% of the sum assured is paid.


No Waiting Period Between Claims
Multiple claims up to a maximum of 120% sum assured1 are allowable for this rider and there is no waiting period between each claim.


Extra Benefit for Diabetic Related Disease
An additional payout equivalent to 20% of the sum assured is payable if the insured is suffering from any 1 of the 3 covered diabetic related diseases.


Comprehensive Coverage
Coverage up to 92 critical illness events which are grouped into 36 categories with severity levels ranging from low to high.


Available as an optional rider, attachable to a regular premium Investment-Linked Insurance plan.

1 Inclusive of 100% sum assured and any applicable additional 20% sum assured for Diabetic Related Disease.


Important: This is purely a product summary. Please refer to the policy contract OR contact us for further details.

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